CNC 2D Laser Sheet Cutting

In Sheet Metal Industry Laser Cutting technology plays a vital role; we are proud to be a part of it and we have installed with 2D Laser Sheet/Plate Cutting machine with cutting capacity of Mild Steel 0.5 to 12mm thick, Stainless Steel 0.5 to 5mm thick, Aluminium 0.5 to 3mm thick and Brass/Copper 0.5 to 2mm thick with bed size of 3 Meter x 1.5 Meter.

CNC 5 Axis Press Brake

We have installed with 150 Ton CNC Press Brake to support the customer who are looking for cutting and folding from a single source.

CNC Machining

The manufacturing benefits of repeatability, tolerance, and mistake proofing are critical to processing materials at every step. That’s why our production facility is equipped with Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Milling Machine Technology. Not only that, the 4-axis capability machine in our work centers can perform dynamic nesting and utilize CAD-CAM and 2.5 D software to increase production speed and thru put in the various stages of part manufacturing.

Bus Bar Fabrication

We ANITHA ENTERPRISES have an efficient and reliable Bus bar fabrication machine which ensures consistent quality and dimensional repeatability in Cutting, Punching and Bending using NC Control for Copper and Aluminum within the range 160mm Width and 12.7mm Thick. Punch ranges from 4 mm to 18 mm or cross section area of 18.0 mm in the formats of Round, Oblong and Square

General Engineering Machines

At ANITHA ENTERPRISES we pride ourselves on having the flexibility and expertise to meet the requirements of our customers. With combined knowledge of over 37 years, our workshop integrates seamlessly into all aspects of our diverse business. Our Precision Engineering and Sheet Metal Forming capacities enable us to create a range of solutions for our customers, supported by our machine shop which is equipped with:

  • Power Press (Forming Press) 30 Tons
  • Turning Lathe (Horizontal) ø 400 mm x 1 Meter
  • Radial Arm Drilling ø 25.00 mm
  • Drilling cum Tapping ø 25.00 mm
  • Vertical Milling cum Drilling 300 mm x 100 mm
  • Surface Grinding 400 mm x 200 mm
  • Arc Welding
  • Silver Brazing and Copper Brazing
  • Band Saw Machine 300 mm

Pitch Control Tapping Machine

Tapping may either be achieved by a hand tapping by using a set of taps first tap, second tap & final (finish) tap or using a machine to do the tapping, but Machine tapping is faster, and generally more accurate because human error is eliminated. Final tapping is achieved with single tap.

Tapping operations have traditionally been very tricky to execute due to frequent tap breakage and inconsistent quality of tapping. So with the help of our Tapping Machine we achieve precise threads in expeditious manner.

Fastener Insertion Machine

(Clinch Nut Insertion Machine)

A swage nut or self-clinching nut is a type of nut or threaded insert that is used on sheet metal. It permanently anchors itself to the sheet metal by swaging the surrounding material. Generally, the clinch nut is made of a hard metal such as stainless steel and carbon steel, which is inserted into a pre-drilled hole. With the help of Fastener Insertion Machine, forcing the clinching ring into softer material causes it to plastically deform (swage) into the annular recess in the shank. This locks the nut into the hole. This is a popular method for adding strong, load-bearing threads to a relatively thin piece of soft sheet metal. These clinch fasteners are available as Studs, Nuts and Standoffs from M3 to M12.


We have a combined workspace of 6000 Sq. foot of buildup area in two locations:

  • Unit-1 is established at Ramapuram, Chennai City with 2000 Sq. foot workspace.
  • Unit-2 is established at Nallur Village, Kundrathur-Sriperumbudur Arcot Road, Chennai, with 4000 Sq. foot workspace and has the facility to expand another 4000 Sq. foot.