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Copper Bus Bars

Bus bars & profiles are extensively used in low voltage distribution, high current & control equipment. The applications of bus bars included in switchgears, Bus way systems, panel boards etc.

We are the pioneers in fabrication and supply of copper bus bars as per the customer specific product requirements like in the field of wind sectors, switch gears and other industrial application.

Our copper bus bar fabrication engineers can help you to choose the right type of copper and the best way to custom manufacture it to meet the most demanding applications.

Braided CBB

The Braided Bus Bars were manufactured with Copper wire which is weaved to form a braid. A tube is then attached to each end and compressed to create a connection point. These braided bus bars were fabricated as per customer's requirement at the most competitive rates.

Bus Ducts

Bus duct or Busbar Trucking System (BBT). It will help us to tap power directly from where we want it to be and make utilize to the service point. Our team can undergo BBT system fabrication consisting of copper / Aluminum bus bars and suitable insulating medium and as per the standards below.
All electrical installations shall be carried out in accordance with the best International Standards and Codes of Practice specifically with the current issue of the IEE Regulations (BS 7671) and the requirements of the supply authority.
The design, manufacture, testing and performance of the bus bartrucking system shall be in accordance with the latest edition of BSEN60439 - 1 & 2 (IEC 439 - 1 & 2) standard, BS5486-2 and AS 3439.2.

Flexible CBB

Manufactured from 99.997% pure ETP grade annealed bare/tinned copper strips and formulated special grade of insulation compound to give more flexibility for various applications. We procure from reputed manufacturer and offer with customer spec. Design.

Tinned CBB

Tin-plated copper busbar helps to upgrade design and provide the best quality for switchgears, switchboards, electrical panels, power transformers and busducts by extended long life and Better Joint Efficiency.
Consistent Tin Coating: New India conducts a test for measuring thickness of tin coating by a computerized system which is recorded in our Test Certificate. Hence, our customers can be assured of the consistency of the tin.

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Precision Products
Machined Parts

Our integrated manufacturing facility allow us in manufacturing Precision Engineering to Precision Fabrication, Machining, Assembling and Quality Control ensuring cost effective Ferrous & Nonferrous products.

Sheet Metal Components

We manufacture ferrous and non- ferrous sheet metal pressed components for various applications as per the customer needs. Our team can Design & fabricate press tools to suit customer requirements.